About Us


My name is Abdullah Shahid Rana, I’m a student but with that a developer with some knowledge of web designing, hacking, cracking, building softwares, viruses, computer algorithmic commands, different tricks for IT Gadgets and much much more.


ASR World is a Web site for Entertainment, Knowledge, Education, Interest, News and much more. In ASR World, there is no CTO or CEO, there is no secretary, there is no development team, and there are no rented offices. The entire Web site and all the things that you can find here are developed by me and my brother. ASR World is not a full-time job, but I use all my free time to maintain and develop this Web site. My time for maintaining this Web site is used for adding new tools, informational articles, Guides and Methods, Entertaining Posts, Educational Posts, Photographs, inspiring Ideas and answering to  that I receive.

Website Name:

As you probably guessed, the name ‘ASR World’ is the abbreviations  of my and my brothers given name – Abdullah Shahid Rana and Abdur Rahman Shahid Rana  with the ‘World’ after it, well that is for the Website World we wanna create.

Some History:

I Abdullah love surfing internet, creating websites, softwares and all that you can read about me at the right side or bottom of the screen but my brother Abdur Rahman is different from me and he likes to do gardening, Crafting, Cooking etc. Photography is a thing in which we both are interested in. Other than that there are hundreds more we both love to explore.

Coming to the topic, I wanted to create a website on technology so I did and that was a hit, I posted many articles and posts in it and got many viewers, first I was the only author but with the passage of time I added some of my friends as authors too. One day when talking to my friend he gave me an idea of making a website containing everything, it struck my mind and I thought on it.

I consulted my brother and requested him to help me in posting some things on web like on gardening or painting (as of his interest) , he agreed and so I started a free Web on WordPress, took me days to study and design it and find the perfect theme, transferring the content from my previous web to this was a great challenge, also with the limited time I spared out of my busy schedule. I worked on, my brother helped me and here I am now still creating a site to put in the BIG Bunch of Ideas I have in my mind.

Future Plans:

Well there are many plans in my head for the site and I’ll try to put them in as I get some time. If this site earn some fame and get some good reviews, I would buy  a nice domain for it and promote it even more, I would plan to add some more authors, Giving some advertisements and spreading it more and more.


  • Abdullah Shahid Rana
  • Abdur Rahman Shahid Rana

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