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Islamic Books (Buy Links)

ASR World provides you with many Links from trusted site where you can find thousands of Islamic Books of your choice, prices vary accordingly. Read the rest of this entry

The Lazy Arm Smartphone Holder (Interesting Gadget)


The Lazy Arm is the helping hand to make multi tasking easy as pie, it will hold your smartphone for you so whilst your doing the pots or cooking dinner you can listen to music, watch a film or even make a phone call! It’s easy to mount on many surfaces as it clips on the edge, the flexible arm can be moved and moulded to the ideal angle to hold the smart phone in place!Lazy Arm Read the rest of this entry

Smartphone Projector (Interesting Gadget)


Technology has moved forward so fast that we can now download and watch movies directly on our smart phones! This in itself is incredible, but crowding over a small screen to watch the latest release with friends is not the way you planned it! But with this incredibly clever and compact Smart Phone Projector you can finally watch movies the way they were intended, transforming your home or bedroom into the big screen!

Smart Phone projector Read the rest of this entry

SkyLight Microscope Camera (Interesting Gadget)


The SkyLight Microscope Camera could connect your smartphone camera to a supported microscope, and let you capture microscope photographs with the option to switch the focal planes with a touch of your finger. It’s smart !Sky

SkyLight Microscope camera

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Self Stirring Degital Mug (Interesting Gadget)


The Self Stirring Mug is the consummate gift for that person who is simply…well – lazy! I mean – come on, we all know one, someone who is simply so lacklustre and apathetic in their demeanor that they can’t muster up enough energy to stir their own drink!Self Stirring Mug

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Quran Learning/Reciting Digital Pen (Interesting Gadget)

Introduction:Quran learning pen

The Quran Learning Pen is an amazing gadget that makes Quran reading, learning, understanding and memorising very easy. No matter your level of Quran reading, you will benefit greatly from this amazing device. Read the rest of this entry

Hone Digital Keychain to Find your Keys (Interesting Gadget)


Hone Key Chain is a Bluetooth device for iPhone and iPod that helps you find your key.

Hone Key Chain

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Digital Draw and Measure Device (Interesting Gadget)

Introduction:Digital device

f you have ever drafted by hand for work or pleasure, you know that straight lines are hard to sketch or trace by pen or pencil without something as your guide – and laying down the ruler, triangle or square each time takes, well, time. Read the rest of this entry

Classic IPhone Docking Station (Interesting Gadget)


iClassic Phone Docking System is a gadget that helps you a lot in daily life. It also prevents you from the invisible rays coming from your mobile phone that can hurt your brain in a senior manner.

Classic iPhone Dock

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