Understanding Batch File Viruses


Introduction: In this tutorial I have focused on making the basics of batch files clear and developing the approach to code your own viruses. As I told You in the “Batch File Viruses (Introduction)” that you can also create your own batch file viruses so now I am going to show you an example on understanding them:

  1. Open your command prompt and change your current directory to ‘desktop’ by typing ‘cd desktop’ (without quotes)
  2. Now type these commands one by one:                                                                                       md x                                    (makes directory ‘x’ on desktop)                                                          cd x                                      (changes current directory to ‘x’)                                                          md y                                    (makes a directory ‘y’ in directory ‘x’)
  3. We first made a folder/directory ‘x’, then enter in folder ‘x’,then make a folder ‘y’ in folder ‘x’ .
  4. Now delete the folder ‘x’.
  5. Lets do the same thing in an other way.
  6. Copy these three commands in notepad and save file as anything.bat
  7. Now just double click on this batch file and the same work would be done ,
  8. You will get a folder ‘x’ on your desktop and folder ‘y’ in it. This means the three commands executed line by line when we ran the batch file
  9. Now You know that:

So a batch file is simply a text containing series of commands which are executed automatically line by line when the batch file is run.


About Abdullah Shahid Rana

My name is Abdullah Shahid Rana, I live in Sargodha, Punjab, Pakistan. I am a still a student. I love IT, gadgets, new innovations, softwares, games, movies. As well as Exploring and Developing them.

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